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My name is Tanya Bondesta

Below you will find, a couple of words about me

Hello, I’m Queenie and I’d like to take this moment to welcome you to my personal blog, Queen’s Outlook – dedicated to lifestyle, fashion, and more.

I love conversations over good coffee at cute cafes, have an obsession for fat cats, and am always down for new adventures. Oh, and did I mention that I have OCD? Obsessive Cupcake Disorder? Yes, I’m also your average millennial foodie with a camera on hand at all times.

Queen’s Outlook is like a diary to me. It highlights my style, adventures, life milestones, etc. throughout my blogging journey. I’m by no means a professional where blogging is concerned, but I hope to spread even a little bit of friendly vibes into your life through the pages of my life. Feel free to check out my latest post and shoot me a message if you every need someone to talk to.


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